Be queen or king of your garden – make a flower crown for Garden Day

October 15th, 2018

Garden Day is this Sunday, 21 October! Remember, it’s a day to put away the garden tools and celebrate the hard work you’ve put into your garden all year. OK, maybe keep your secateurs close by to make a flower crown. This floral accessory is a lovely way to get you in the spirit of things and to show off the blooms and greenery from your garden. So invite friends and family over, put on your flower crown and celebrate your green space with them.

We’re hosting flower crown workshops here in the garden this Wednesday and Thursday, and we still have a few spots left. It’s free, find the booking details here.  If you can’t join us, here’s how you can make your own at home (as seen on Candide gardening app).

1. Gather your gear

You will need the following:

  • secateurs
  • florist wire or tape
  • soft, pliable greenery
  • flowers

2. The base

You will need to have a strong yet pliable base so that it sits comfortably on your head. We used pepper tree and willow tree branches to form a round base. Plants like ivy, wild grape or pennygum will also do the trick. Make sure you pick soft, long pieces that can be intertwined.

3. Fillers

This is where you can get creative! For a fuller crown, pick long, pliable pieces that you can layer. For a thinner crown with a focal point, you will need fewer but more eye-catching pieces.

Tip: Look for dry seed heads – they always add an interesting element.

4. Start weaving

Start by measuring your head. Now take your long piece of base material and bend it in a circle. Take the overlapping ends and weave them in opposite directions. Secure the base with florist wire or tape.

5. Add your flowers

Now for the fun part – start adding the flowers. Secure with florist wire or tape where necessary.

Tip: Save the prettiest flowers for the front of the crown.

6. Wear

You’re all done! Remember, it’s best to wear your crown straight away – alternatively, spritz with water and store in the fridge to keep it looking fresh.

Now all that’s left to do is put your crown on your head and take a selfie. Share your Garden Day celebration using #gardenday.

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