Signs of Spring

July 30th, 2013

The blossoms are out and showing their faces around every corner in the garden. Even though it is still chilly outside we are excited about these first signs of spring and are celebrating August as the month of blossoms.

Plum OrchardPlumOrchard2

Looking down from the Babylonstoren koppie you can see the plum orchard in full bloom. We planted two varieties of plums, Suplum 25 and African Rose in rows of ten’s, this help with cross-pollination of the trees.

nectarines2Nectarines1 copy

Plums2Plums1 copy

The garden was designed to start blooming in one corner and to slowly work its magic to the other end. This awakening process takes about three months. This year the plums “suplums25” and the nectarines “sunburst” have taken the lead in showing their pretty blossoms with the peach “scarlet” and apricot “charisma” following closely.

Peach copy Apricot copy

Even our snail eating ducks are enjoying the beautiful show.



  1. Theresa says:

    Do you have cherry blossoms

    • Babylonstoren says:

      Hi Theresa, yes we do! In our garden we have three different Cherry tree species that is full of blossoms at this moment but only for about another week.

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