Fresh from the farm

December 2nd, 2011

We’ve finalised the packaging for our home-made products, and now they have a shelf all of their own in the Babylonstoren farm shop.

All of our beautifully-packaged products have been made using produce from our farm and none of them have any cane sugar added.

We’ve listed all the things we have available, and hope that you’ll pop by the shop soon, with a shopping list of your own:

Jams & Honey

  • Green fig Preserve
  • Green fig & Brandy paste
  • Honey
  • Strawberry & Sage Jam
  • Lemon & Orange Marmalade
  • Lemon Twirls
  • Bloekom Heuning (Honey made from eucalyptus blossoms)
  • Spring flower Honey


  • Strawberry & Lemon Cordial
  • Strawberry/Elderflower & Vodka Cordial
  • Ginger Beer



  • Heuningkoek
  • Whole Plums in Port
  • Boerenmeisjes (Apricots in Brandy!)

Pickles & preserves:

  • Fennel  & Carrot Pickle
  • Yellow Plum Chutney
  • Spiced Plum Jam

Most definitely worth the effort!


Anelle and Annemarie


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