Boere Witblits & Mampoer

June 10th, 2011

Over the weekend, our winemaker, Charl Coetzee learned a lot about traditional South African homebrew. Tell us all about it, Charl!

Apart from winemaking at Babylonstoren, I’ve also been tasked with setting up a small distillery at the farm. With this responsibility weighing on my shoulders, I spent last weekend in Bronkhorstspruit at the annual Mampoer* Festival hosted by the Kultuurstokers Vereniging of South Africa.  My mission:  To sit around a stookketel and learn from the masters of this “fine art”.  Needless to say, after tasting more than about 10 shotglasses of the almost 400 different kinds of mampoer available at the festival, well… just about everything tastes fine!

But what an experience! I met wonderful, warm hearted, down-to-earth people with an unbelievable passion for what they do.  And it is exactly this atmosphere that we’ll be aiming for when we host our own Mampoer day at Babylonstoren some day soon. We hope you’ll be our guests.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a distillery to build!

*Mampoer & Witblits: Two names for a strong, homemade brandy distilled from fruit


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