Cheers! To an Auspicious Date

January 12th, 2012

Last year on 11 January 2011, we celebrated the first day of harvesting in the current history of Babylonstoren, when we harvested Chardonnay to make base wine for our MCC.  Ripening of grapes is entirely dependent on weather circumstances, so one can never predict the exact harvest date.

Well, one year later, on 11  January 2012, the same block of Chardonnay was ready to be harvested again, which meant that on one day we were able to celebrate the one year anniversary of winemaking in the cellar, as well as the beginning of our 2012 harvest!


Most thrilling of all was that, while last year we had to go out to buy wine and sparkling wine to toast the beginning of the harvest, this year we were able to do it with our very own wines. Cheers!


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