From our Orchard to your Table

April 20th, 2012

Have you tasted our famous pear chutney? You can buy it off the shelf in the Babylonstoren farm shop, or, if having a light meal at our beautiful tearoom in the garden, ask for it to be served as a delicious condiment. And in case you were wondering about how we make it, here is a peep behind the scenes, into our preserving kitchen where we make all our delicious preserves:


First we select our Packam pears straight from Babylonstoren’s orchard. Then we dice them, add all the other very special ingredients and cook up a delicious combination to create a real unique chutney. Just being nearby invites you to taste this delicious condiment, as the aroma from our preserve kitchen permeates the air.

As with our other bottled products, we use fructose syrup as a sweetener and stop the cooking process before the chutney becomes too sweet. We do try our best to strike a balance between moderate amounts of sugar and too much sugar in our products.


We’d love to hear your own favourite homemade recipe. Please feel free to share them with us.

Greetings from the kitchen!

Annemarie Nortje


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