How to start your own vegetable garden

July 16th, 2021

Babylonstoren’s master gardener, Gundula Deutschländer, shares the basics for growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs at home.

Winter is the ideal time to plan and prepare your vegetable garden. “Take note of how far the shadows of trees and buildings stretch across, as edible plants require plenty of sunshine,” Gundula says. Many plants are dormant during the chilly season, which makes it the ideal time for them to take root.

Planning your patch

Here are Gundula’s tips for planning your vegetable patch by keeping location, sunlight, wind, water and soil in mind:

Selecting your vegetables

When it comes to selecting veggies for your own vegetable garden, be mindful of the seasons, Gundula says. “Keep in mind what you want to use, and what will be easy enough for you to grow.” Some plants grow best from seedlings, while others are easy to grow straight from the seeds.

Planting seedlings and sowing seeds

Once your patch is prepared and you’ve chosen which vegetables you want to grow, you’re ready to plant your own vegetables! Gundula shares her tips on how to prepare the soil, plant seedlings and sow seeds.

Enjoy your own vegetable patch!

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