Odd jobs, but good work

May 13th, 2011

I’ve found working at Babylonstoren as much an adventure as a privilege. Why do I say this? Well, sometimes it seems our job descriptions here are one thing on paper, while the reality is something else altogether. For example, my title here at the farm is ‘Winemaker’, but the other day I made a list of all the projects I’ve been involved in recently, and out of a list of 14, not one of them was vaguely related to winemaking!

My most recent activity was practising “concrete art” where I had to sculpture the veins of a vine leaf on a wet cement surface. If this experiment works, you will be able to walk upon a big vine leaf through the water room on a future cellar tour.

Luckily I have help in the form of Wian and Alta, my two assistants (above), to run the daily operations in the cellar. But, of course, that’s only when they’re not helping out in the farm kitchen, making clementine preserve to sell in the farm shop, or laying out the area where we are planning to build a distillery for future mampoer distillations!

But we do all these ‘off-brief’ projects with a very positive attitude, because not only does it uncover our hidden talents, but we also love working together to create the vast diversity of attractions for our guests to experience at Babylonstoren!
Kom kuier met ons hierdie naweek!

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