How to Prune Blackberries

August 13th, 2013

Winter is a restful time in a garden – and the season to rev plants up for the next harvest. We’re busy pruning all our blackberry varieties from Arapaho, Boysen, Silvan and Youngberry to Tay, Loch Ness, Dirksen Thornless and the Hurl Thornless. Blackberries grow wild and pruning keeps them under control, encourages new growth and promotes an abundant harvest.


How to prune blackberries
–  loosen all the canes from the fencing
–  prune old, brown and dry canes by cutting them down to ground level
–  select the best young canes and tie them 30cm apart to fencing
–  slash all remaining young canes down to ground level


–  most berries prefer some shade
–  they need compost rich soil and enough water in the growing season
–  late in winter, before the first buds pop, is the best time to prune
–  fencing works well with three horizontal strands, 50cm apart
–  berries are prone to fungi – spraying a fungicide shortly after pruning will help
–  fertilize before the first buds appear
–  wear protective gloves, as some berry varieties have nasty thorns


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