Strawberry Vinegar

November 1st, 2011

From our kitchen: An easy recipe for Strawberry Vinegar


250g rinsed strawberries- very ripe (optional)
500g frozen strawberries
50g sugar
750ml white wine vinegar (can use champagne or white balsamic if needed)
75ml brandy (optional)

  1. Start preparing a day ahead by combining the strawberries, sugar and brandy, and leave them covered in fridge until the next day. This will enhance the flavour whilst they macerate (optional)
  2. The following day, pour the macerating mixture into a stainless bowl and cover with 500ml vinegar, cover with cling wrap and place on a double boiler until it is hot.
  3. Once hot, remove from heat, and leave to slowly infuse until lukewarm. Impurities will rise to the serface and should be skimmed.
  4. Once the mixture has cooled and properly infused, strain through a moist  piece of muslin.  This step will remove the fleshy pieces of fruit that you do not want in your vinegar.
  5. Bottle your cooled, strained mixture.
  6. Tips: If you are making the vinegar a gift, remember garnishing the bottle with fresh  berries is not recommended, as they will discolour. For visual effect, rather add a vanilla pod.
  7. I have allowed for 250ml additional vinegar – some people prefer a milder strawberry taste, so you can add more vinegar.  Take care as this will dilute the taste.
  8. The strawberries can  be substituted with any berry in season – the riper the better! Rather stick to a single flavour as the colour will be better as well as the flavour on your end product.

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