Tea at Babel

May 4th, 2011


When the restaurant opened a few months ago, much time and effort went into making the perfect cup of coffee.  The machine had to be exceptional, the grinder had to be sensitive and silent, the coffee cups must have a thin lip and then we haven’t even started with the actual coffee bean blend.  Should it be organic, from Uganda or Equador or what about the locally grown beans?  So many options but one thing is certain … the process of making a good coffee is not as easy as it seems.  The staff all needed expert training and with lots more practice and guidance the barman will one day be able to add “barista” to his title.

Last week it was Tea’s Turn!  After a bit of homework and digging around on websites we found our tea partners.  So off we went, myself and all the front of house staff, to be introduced to a tea experience like none other.  Nehemia was our host and we learned about green tea and white tea and red tea and black tea and fermentation times and temperatures and everything in between.  But most importantly we learned that tea as we knew it before that visit will never be good enough again.  O my word, what a difference a leaf makes!

So to celebrate the whole new world that was opened to us we have decided to throw away all our teabags … for good!  From now on, when you visit Babel,  tea will be an experience.  We will stock a small range of Nigiro teas from India and the East but also some Mariage Freres from France.  But the best is a selection of fresh, fragrant herbs and flowers from our garden.  It is a stunning concept and you get to pick your own combination to make up a little recipe for our small tea book with your name on it.

Hoop om julle sommer gou-gou te sien!




  1. Lizzette de Vries says:

    Ons sien julle verseker weer!
    En verseker vir Suid Afrikaanse ROOIBOS TEE – soos die RED ESPRESSO!
    Groete van Australie

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