The Science of Kumquat Jam

August 22nd, 2011

Whilst cooking jam with the delicious kumquats from our garden, I made an interesting find: Two equal sized batches of jam looked completely different in colour, and the only difference was that different pots were used.

The way it worked is that one pot had a large surface area, so more water could evaporate, and the other pot had a much smaller surface area. This meant that: the pot with a larger surface area reached the correct consistency much sooner, which meant a lighter colour jam (on right), while the pot with a smaller surface area cooked for much longer, so the jam was darker.

Both, of course, are equally delicious, and you’ll find these fruits of our garden (and semi-scientific experiments) in the Babylonstoren shop.

This is a really interesting journey, as we attempt to find the best ways to preserve our garden’s produce. Please share your own preserving experiences and helpful tips with us.

Groete van die kombuis af,
Annemarié Nortjé

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