Vineyard Cover Crop

September 11th, 2012

During wintertime, we sow korog as a cover crop between the vineyard rows. Korog (also known as Triticale) is a cross between wheat and rye, with wheat providing a good fibre, and rye contributing to its long growth cycle.

The korog is allowed to mature and develop strong fibers before it gets flattened by a roller in November to form a nice cover crop.

We sow korog in every second vineyard row, while in the other rows the pruned vineyard shoots is snipped to form a dense carpet of organic matter.

Having korog growing between the vine rows is done for a number of good farming reasons:

  • The organic material it generates during its growth cycle will help mulch the soil, improving it over time. Korog mulch also helps to keep soil cooler in summer, and helps prevent the loss of moisture in the soil in summer months.
  • Should we have late spring rains, the korog will quickly get rid of excess water.
  • It helps suppress too much growth of summer weeds, and serves as a shelter for natural enemies of pests and diseases.


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