Breadmaking in Milan

September 10th, 2013

Our baker Karen has been spending time in Milan, Italy learning the secrets behind the wonderful Italian breads and pastries. Karen shares her experience.


In Italy there’s this wonderful tradition of buying your bread fresh every day from your favourite artisan baker.  At the breakfast table you will find Brioche or sweet rolls and Baguette or Focaccia with lunch.  For dinner a crusty loaf like Pane di Altamura to mop up the delicious pasta sauces.


I learned from Mr Cesare Bollani, who owns five bakeries in Milan and has been in the bread baking business since 1930.  My mornings started at 3:00 in Laboratory Bollani where they do all the baking for the bakeries.

Their sourdough bread is made with flour sourced directly from farms in different regions of Italy.  Breads are named after the flour used, region of origin or the shape. Pane di Altamura after the region in Southern Italy where they grow the wheat for the pale, yellow Semolina flour called Farina di Altamura. Small round rolls are called Bocconcini as they resemble balls of buffalo mozzarella.


Delicious sweet delicacies are usually made with fresh seasonal fruits and great attention to detail. A short crust pastry laced with nuts and lemon zest filled with creamy vanilla custard and then topped with figs, apricots, peaches, berries and grapes is a popular treat with the Italians.

I can’t wait to start experimenting in the farm kitchen!


  1. Eli says:

    I’m interest regarding to the bread baking,
    Do you a few hours or day class during March?


    • admin says:

      Hi Eli

      We do not have a bread baking class in March, but we are planning a workshop for later in the year. Keep a lookout on our facebook page for details.

      Warm regards
      The Babylonstoren team

  2. jitender says:

    any plans to give classes on bread making in april?

  3. Sanchit says:

    Hi me and my brother are interested in learning bread baking in the month of March. We are from INDIA. So can please help with the courses available or packages you offer? With nearby accommodations?

    Thanking You

    Warm Regards
    Sanchit Sachdeva

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