Grapes Under Wraps

February 21st, 2013

February is the best time for grapes. On the farm, we are harvesting wine grapes, and in the garden, a  favourite summer stop is in the shade of the pergola, which is covered in table grape varietals. From one end of the pergola to the other, we have 19 varieties growing, carefully selected so that they ripen one after the other, thus keeping us well stocked with grapes.

Birds and squirrels love to nibble on the sweetening grape korrelsand whilst we’ve nothing against our furry and feathered friends, our guests are our priority, which is why we’ve covered the bunches in white protective open-ended bags.

Picking for breakfast at Babel this week, we will be adding (from L-R) “Alphonse”, “Red Globe” and “Victoria” to our early morning harvest.


  1. Beatrice says:

    Hi, where can one buy these protective open ended bags to cover grapes with? Thanks x

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