Insect Hotel

January 22nd, 2014


Our garden is home to birds, bees and insects – all critters are welcome and part of the ecosystem. Our new insect hotel houses bugs that eat bugs, such as spiders that hunt moths, flies, mosquitoes and ants. Also insects that pollinate flowers – such as the solitary carpenter bee – are welcome to snuggle in. Our hotel offers all sorts of suites to choose from, each with a different bed filling with bark, straw or bamboo. Tiptoe closer and come peep carefully. You never know who’s moved in – moth, centipede, wasp or lizard? Or Sharks supporter?


Join us on one of our daily garden tours and see for yourself. (Booking is essential)


  1. What a fabulous idea, and aesthetically pleasing too! Love the comment about the Sharks supporter….

  2. Bernard J. Blydenstein says:

    What an original and responsible idea!
    Will promote it here (the Netherlands).

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  4. Talitha Cherry says:

    Most beautiful!!!

  5. Louise says:

    Where can I purchase a bug house like this

  6. Jenny says:

    How about a workshop on building a bug house? I’d be v interested.

  7. Janet Rundell says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed looking at your magnicicent bug hotel. We have native birds, butterflies (all varieties ), bees, bugs, spiders, etc in our garden in Victoria Australia.
    I look forward to keeping in touch. J

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