It’s Clivia Month!

September 2nd, 2013

September is the month when our clivias flower! Some 8000 of these beautiful indigenous lillies will be blooming down by the stream, with flowers that vary dramatically  in shape and size.  The colours range  from yellow, through peach and orange, to deep red.

clivia walk2

The first of these spectacular clivias came from enthusiast Dr Hans Roos as a gift. A more recent addition is the Mick Dower Collection, one of the top clivia collections in the world, assembled over 20 years.  We showcase the best clivias in a special shade house (clivias prefer dappled shade).  The Puff Adder curves as a 70 meter tunnel around eucalyptus trees.

clivia appleblossom Clivia miniata var miniata “ Apple Blossom” is a precious specimen collected in the late 1990’s in the Eastern Cape by John Winter.  It is named after apple blossoms for its light pink coloured petal tips.

clivia wittig pink copyAn unusual trumpet shaped flower called “Wittig Pink” that never opens fully, with a faint pink tinge and a strong scent.

clivia2 sky chase 42 copyOne of the largest yellow flowers with broad petals, bred by Australian Bill Morris. (Yes, occasionally something good comes out of Australia!)

clivia Nakamura Red x Red 153 copyDeep red hybrid with tulip shaped flowers.

Clivia Toshio Koike Bronze copy The Clivia “Toshio Koike Bronze” is a beautiful hybrid created in Japan by Toshio Koike.

Clivia flowering is special – it happens only once a year.  Come experience the garden on a guided tour daily at 10:00.   Only this month on Wed – Sun we’ll host an additional tour at 12. Booking essential!


  1. Andre says:

    Pragtige Clivia versameling!!!! Dankie!!!

  2. Johan Schoombee says:

    Yes, indeed some lovely Clivias. Now the public can see and appreciate it too. Many thanks.

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