Our Bread

May 15th, 2014



  1. Bernard J. Blydenstein says:

    We wish you were nearer.
    If that were the case we would come to Babylonstoren often.
    But we have the oldest Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam in the world, dating back to 1638.
    It features a.o. a complete hothouse for indiginous plants from the Cape. Very much worth a visit!
    We hope to come to the Cape again next year.

    Kind regards

    Bernard J. Blydenstein

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for the good wishes, Bernard.
      Karen Roos knows the Hortus Bontanicus Amsterdam well, as she used to go there to sketch when she was at Art School, so it is a very special place for her, too.
      We’re looking forward to having you back soon.
      Best regards from Babylonstoren

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