Rediscovering the citron

July 19th, 2018

Three years ago our exotic grower, Anton Roux, planted two very rare trees in the Babylonstoren garden: Etrog citrons. A now lesser-known variety of citrus, the citron was once a kitchen staple with cultural and religious significance and medicinal properties.

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How do you like them apples?

May 9th, 2017

Winter Pearmain, a delicious apple variety, is an ancient fruit grown here in our garden under the watchful eye of Oom Anton Roux. For many years he ran his own nursery, where he propagated and grew varieties of old-fashioned gems.

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Autumn’s Golden Apples

April 3rd, 2012

Quince, the ancient fruit from northern Persia, is coming back into favour as people rediscover its unique, delicious taste and fragrance.  At Babylonstoren, the quince ...

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Pruning Trees

August 16th, 2011

We started the winter prune of our formed apples, pears & quince trees today. After my 2 week visit to France, learning the traditional pruning ...

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